Motorsports Safety Test (Pink Badge)

Date Published: 
September 7, 2016

As it will be discussed in the Motorsports Orientations coming up, you must pass the Motorsports Safety test to obtain a Pink Badge and be grated access to work in the Alan Kulwicki lab. The Motorsports Safety test dates are shown below. You only have one chance to pass the test, which requires getting 3 or less questions wrong. The safety test is on material from MEGR 2299: Intro to Motorsports Engineering class, as well as the Alan Kulwicki Shop rules. Slides from MEGR 2299 and the shop rules can be found on the Downloadable Documents page on the Motorsports website. Two review sessions will be given on the dates below to give you the opportunity to ask questions and review the shop rules. See the schedule below for the review dates/times and the test dates/times.


Safety Test Review: Friday (9/6/16) -  10:00am in the Kulwicki Lab

                               Monday (9/12/16) - 5:00pm in the Kulwicki Lab


Safety Test: Friday (9/9/16) – immediately following the safety test review in the Kulwicki Lab

                   Monday (9/12/16) - immediately following the safety test review in the Kulwicki Lab

                   Tuesday (9/13/16) - 5:00-6:00pm in the Kulwicki Lab

                   Wednesday (9/14/16) – 5:00-6:00pm in the Kulwicki lab

                   Thursday (9/15/16) – 5:00-6:00pm in the Kulwicki lab